HSC English can be a difficult subject, but it is also a compulsory one. A minimum of two units of English contributes to every NSW HSC student's final ATAR. So what can students do to maximise their performance in English?


2018 HSC Golden Guide to English (Advanced) is a textbook designed to teach students how to craft Band 6 level responses in English. The textbook is modelled on the highly successful educational method of example-based learning. Each piece of guidance provided in the textbook is supported by Band 6 examples using prescribed texts from the 2018 Year 12 Advanced English syllabus, so that students may see and learn for themselves how to improve their writing.


The strategic philosophy of the textbook allows students to independently master HSC English without having to rely on tutoring or copious amounts of memorisation.


The 250+ pages textbooks are divided into three sections:

  • Practical Skills: including guides to essay preparation, essay writing, adapting to exam questions,  writing in different formats such as speech, and supporting workbook exercises.
  • Discovery: including syllabus deconstruction and clarification, creative writing, responding to short answer questions, 2018 Discovery texts, adapting to Discovery exam questions, and supporting workbook exercises.
  • Modules A, B, C:  including syllabus deconstruction and clarification, 2018 Modules texts, adapting to Modules exam questions, and supporting workbook exercises.


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The author Ms.Khan is a NSW HSC graduate who achieved a mark of 97/100 in English Advanced and an ATAR of 99.05. Ms. Khan has tutored over twenty-five HSC English students and has consequently modelled the textbook on common issues faced by students. 


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